A concept and study of privacy within a working and living space. We have the luxury of almost having 100% of privacy everyday. However, it is not necessary. Along with some research, minimal living is redefined to be having minimal (flexible) privacy, within working environment and collective household at the same time.



minimal living = minimal privacy

Using objects and furnitures of our living space to build up privacy. 

Can a chair be used as a 'window'?

Can plants and colours be used to increase privacy? 

Can our wardrobe door be converted into the room door when necessary?

To be in control of our privacy appropriately. Each person owns a space of 2.5mx2.5m, inclusive of retractable panel systems. This space is completely transformable from a completely open space to a semi-private space, where one can still build up his or her own personal space.

Panels are made of soft materials to increase the flexibility of space. Different individual can also combine their panels to create a bigger collective and semi-private space.

BEFORE (minimum privacy)

AFTER (maximum privacy)

temporary reading cubical

translucency material study

testing prototype

Working spaces that only require amount of privacy that still allows communication.

Different levels of privacy depending on activity.