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Mass Production of Happiness

Yingxuan Teo

"the product isn't the apparatus itself but the happiness it brings upon the completion of the ritualistic process."

The pandemic has returned the spotlight to the humble soap. Crucial in stemming the spread of the coronavirus, the natural surfactants of soap disrupt the lipid membranes that protect pathogens. The resulting high demand for synthetic liquid soaps has led to burgeoning plastic waste.


Yingxuan Teo envisions an alternative future with no more plastic packaging but only little machines that add soap-making into our daily self-cleansing rituals. Mass Production of Happiness is an apparatus for the home that harks back to the traditional craft of extracting natural saponins from soap nuts so that users can take comfort in knowing the provenance of their skincare goods.




Research in the bathroom

There are tonnes of chemicals and unknown ingredients in the soap and shampoo we use every day. This has resulted in individuals cleaning themselves with only water or preferring soap bars.


Mass Production of Happiness

Directed and produced by Yingxuan Teo and Daryl Tang



Soap Nuts


Soap Nuts Powder


Aloe Vera



Concept Illustrations