Fiberglass is commonly found in fire blankets, to effectively put out fire due to its high melting point. This project is a material research, exploring the possibilities to extract pure glass from used fire blankets. 

fire blanket

Treating the kevlar material under heat, it transforms to a textile to a hard and brittle material.

Treating the fiberglass blanket under intense heat, allows other fibers to burn off, leaving glass behind, in a beautiful woven structure.

fire blanket
fiberglass & form

Exploring different techniques to hold the glass fibers together, including sewing. 

When our pet passes away, can we make them a little coffin by wrapp them up in fire blankets before cremating them under high temperature? The glass melts over their body, leaving their skeleton behind imprinted between the glass.

fiberglass urns
Material Library
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Initial stage of material exploration, studying the relationships between textiles, ceramics, and glass.